Sunita Iyer

Senior Copy Editor
“India Syndicate’s principle of working without compromising on fun, blends beautifully. Each day in this company convinces me that I am taking baby steps toward something really big ahead.”

Aditi Mathur

Copy Editor, Entertainment
“My experience at India Syndicate has truly been enriching so far. I consider it a huge opportunity and pleasure to work with the highly driven and experienced team of MSN Entertainment & Lifestyle, right at the start of my career.”

Dipankar Paul

Senior Copy Editor
“Working at India Syndicate has given me the opportunity to do what I love. The greatest satisfaction stems from knowing what I do reaches and possibly affects millions of readers in India and abroad. I won’t call this a job — it’s a journey, and one that I am proud to be part of.”

Ashwin Dewan

Copy Editor, News/Autos
“It’s been special. Little did I know that this job would be what I was looking for, and that too as my first job. I entered as a novice, and today I see myself as an accomplished and confident person ready to take on any challenge. A ‘big thanks’ to the wonderful India Syndicate family for their love and support.”

Robby Mathew Cherian

Content Manager, Entertainment & Lifestyle
“The multi-faceted nature of work and the opportunity to learn has instilled in me life-changing confidence, valuable job skills and the desire to innovate. Six years here and now I think I will retire from India Syndicate at 60!”